It comes up a lot – so much so that there’s an entire South Park episode dedicated to the subject.  The subject is immigrants. And the people that bring it up are usually anti-immigrant because of a few standard reasons like “they come over here and take our jobs” and “they come over here and use up all our services”.

Fact of the matter is that Canada (and the USA) are in desperate need of boatloads of new immigrants every year to continue to pay for the pensions and services that we hold dear.  Our natural demographics say that our own population is growing too old and there are not enough young, working people behind the retired, the baby boomers and the almost-retire to pay for everything.

All is explained in this report from Canada’s Department of Finance and is especially well detailed in the demographic chart below.

So next time you hear someone talking about “they should stop those damn immigrants” just send them this link and tell them we need as many immigrants to come to Canada as possible.

canada immigration charts