[Updated] Here are some amazing photos from the event from Jonathan Evans and Kuna Lu




This posting is for any existing Diner en Blanc guests for the Group and Table Leaders departing from the Jack Poole Plaza location (Olympic Torch next to the Vancouver Convention Centre West) map.

Laurent Munier • Robert Trasolini • Robyn McGregor • Brianna Blaney • Amanda Cole • Valentin Rudenko • Alexa Suter • Serena Walker • Geneen Georgiev • Tiffany Smith • Zach Whitman

The big event is only 2 weeks away and we all hope you are excited to take part in this extraordinary event.  We also hope you have started preparing your table set up, your food and your outfits.  This page will serve as a resource to help you prepare for the big day.

Most of your questions about outfits, tables, food etc are answered in the 4 PDF documents on your DEB website dashboard.  Please read these!  Also make sure your guest reads these.

To access:

  1. Login to your DEB website dashboard here vancouver.dinerenblanc.info/dashboard
  2. The 4 PDF docs are at the top of the page
  3. Click each one and read it
  4. To make it extra easy, you can also read them all right here:


There’s a great community happening on Facebook.  There’s the official DEB Vancouver page and the DEB Vancouver 2015 event page:

Ordering Food and Wine

The e-store will close on Wednesday August 19 – so make sure you order any food and wine and after-party tickets before then.  REMINDER – due to archaic BC liquor laws you can not bring your own alcohol and wine to the event – you must order any wine in advance via the e-store. There are no liquor sales allowed at the event.


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